We are a semi-hardcore guild looking to continue to push further into heroic SoO. We hold the belief that solid progression can be achieved while maintaining a community of players that actually enjoy each others company (even when Freak drinks).

Quick Overview

        Server: Area 52 Eastern Time Zone based
        Raid Format: 25 man Heroic Progression
        Loot Distribution: Loot Council based off of categories including and not limited to: player ability, benefit to raid, previous loot, attendance, and player attitude.
        Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11 (invites go out at 7:45)Server Time (EST)
        Website: http://sbd.guildlaunch.com/

Brief History:

We've been a guild for a long time. It all started with 4 people and 5 hour clears of Magister's Terrace that gave us the name " The Inner Sanctum". We've done the 40 man thing, the 25 man thing and some 10 man raiding and we've made the decision to move back into 25 mans. We moved from Antonidas, decided to change our guild name and settled on Area- 52 in 2012. It takes a decent amount of self esteem and humor to be in this guild, but if you think you can get load (joke), eat hot dogs while raiding, and take a joke then please apply!


Very simply we’re looking for players that know fire is bad and how to mash buttons in a manner which best produces results, and who enjoy the occasional beverage through a breathtaking tour of Naxxaramas. In all seriousness, we’re looking for players who fit into our community while being able to perform the game’s current mechanics very well. If you don’t comprehend sarcasm very well, we may not be the best place for you.

Along those lines, we’re looking for individuals with moderate experience within the current raiding tier and previous heroic raiding experience is a definite mark in your favor.